10 most expensive restaurants in the world

A nice, exquisite, and cozy restaurant to dine in is everybody’s dream come true. If you are a foodie and have saved a fortune to treat yourself to a royal meal in the best restaurants in the world, then here’s a list of the top 10 most expensive restaurants in the world.


  1. Sublimotion- Ibiza, Spain

        $ 2000 per head

If you are in for a multi-sensory culinary experience, this 12 seater restaurant is the place for you. Open only for a few months in Spanish Summer, this restaurant offers a 20-course tasting menu along with entertainment including laser shows, VR and DJ. 

The restaurant which won the Best Innovation Food & Beverage in 2014 was founded by two Michelin starred chef, Paco Roncero. It is currently the most expensive restaurant on the planet.


2. Per Se – New York, USA

     $680 per head

This three-star Michelin restaurant is the most second most expensive restaurant in the world. The 19 table restaurant offers a nine-course tasting menu which also includes a vegetarian option. The restaurant is known for its flavors and delicate presentation

The restaurant which was opened in 2004 is owned by Thomas Keller.


3. Ultraviolet- Shanghai, China

     $ 570 per head

This restaurant is yet another example of technology and money meets food. This three Michelin-starred restaurant has 20 tasting menus. The restaurant also offers an audiovisual experience which includes projected lights, sound, and smell.

The restaurant is owned by Paul Pairet.


4.Masa – New York, USA

   $595 per head 

A Japanese Sushi restaurant founded by chef Masa by Masa Takayama in 2004. It is the most expensive restaurant in America. Here reservations are taken three weeks in advance and the services reflect the Japanese tradition of hospitality. It primarily specializes in seafood and all the dishes are prepared by chef Masa himself.



     $415 per head

This restaurant is for all the people who love cheese and patisserie. It offers eleven courses. The restaurant was voted ‘Top Restaurants of 2019’ by La Liste. The menu course includes three Michelin star dishes like Somme Bay scallops, millet of lamb and young fresh salads


6. Maison Pic Valence- France

    $445 per head

This Anne Sophie Pic owned restaurant is one of the very few female chef-owned restaurants with three Michelin stars. The nine-course menu includes  Banon goat cheese berlingots, deer marinated in sake lees squab, candied turnips, and some really tasty chocolates. 


7. Guy Savoy – Paris, France

     $385 per head

The restaurant offers a 13-course meal which includes iced poached oysters, barbecued pigeon, monkfish, and many more. Guy Savoy, who trained famous chefs like Gordon Ramsay has a number of restaurants, of which this is the flagship restaurant.


8. Kitcho Arashiyamo – Kyoto, Japan

    $380 per head

A restaurant established in 1948, the restaurant offers four different tasting menus, with a 10-course menu. The restaurant only serves kaiseki cuisine. Currently, there are four other restaurants under the same name. 


9. Aragawa – Tokyo, Japan 

    $260 per head

This restaurant is most noted for its beef dishes with includes Kobe and Wagu. It offers a la carte menu, unlike most restaurants which offer tasting menus. Interestingly, this restaurant is located in the basement of an old office in Tokyo.


10. Ithaa Undersea- Maldives

       $320 per head

Known as the world’s first underwater restaurant, the restaurant offers a 7-course menu which is inspired by local flavours like lobster and snow crab, pan-seared sea scallops, and marinated wagyu beef. The restaurants can accommodate up to 14 guests.


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