10 Short films that you must watch

The concept of a short film is widely recognized and revered in the cinematic industry. Many successful directors who have revolutionized the film industry have started their careers by making short films. Like Whiplash, some of these films provide concepts that are worked upon at a higher scale and with a bigger budget, leading to a marvelous motion picture being produced. Excellence in storytelling, capturing shots, and blowing the viewer’s mind is a staple of a good short film.

Here is a list of 10 short films that you must watch:


#10 Pitch Black Heist 

Pitch Black Heist (Michael Fassbender, Liam Cunningham) - Trailer - We Are Colony - YouTube

If there was ever a surprising line-up for a short film, it would be Pitch Black Heist. A short thriller of just 13 minutes that gives the viewer Mission Impossible vibes. The brilliance of Michael Fassbender and Games of Throne’s Liam Cunningham, coupled with the direction of John Maclean has produced a must-watch thriller. The protagonists of this short film are professional safe crackers who meet on a simple job to relieve an office safe from its contents. The catch is a light-activated alarm system impelling the men to embark on a pitch black heist. If you have 13 minutes to spare, this is how you can spend it wisely.

#9 The Big Shave 

The Big Shave streaming: where to watch online?

The Big Shave is a short film created by Martin Scorsese in 1967. One of the biggest appeals of this 5-minute long film is that is a Scorsese film from ages ago. To be honest, there is nothing overly spectacular about the short film, but you cannot keep your eyes off the screen once the man starts shaving. There is an eery sense that something is about to happen and that ethereal feeling is what will keep you glued to the screen. Essentially, the short film features a man who cuts himself many times while shaving. Beware, it might leave you with an uneasy feeling in the chest.


#8 Goldman v Silverman 

adam sandler ve safdie kardeşler ortaklığı bir kısa filmle tazelendi – playtuşu

This short film comes from the directors of Uncut Gems, Josh and Benny Safdie. Once again teaming up with the talented and multi-faceted Adam Sandler to produce a 7-minute gem. The film pits Sandler’s Rod Goldman against Benny Safdie’s Al Silverman- both street performers- in a bid to occupy the same Times Square street corner. Humor onsets as each they attempt to displace each other without breaking their expectedly mute character.


#7 Anima

ANIMA | Paul Thomas Anderson | Thom Yorke | Teaser | Netflix - YouTube

Available on Netflix, Anima is a musical collaboration between Paul Thomas Anderson and Radiohead’s Thom Yorke. It goes without saying that this one film deserves to be played a loud, as it. A long rest and a relaxed mind are recommended prior to watching this experiment between Anderson and Yorke, or take the risk; your call.


#6 Six Shooter 

Six Shooter (2004)

The Irish theatre director-turned-filmmaker, Martin McDough, has four Oscar nominations and one Academy Award. The award came for the Best Short Film in 2004, namely Six Shooter. The film is an outcome of when comedy meets bloody. It depicts the story of a black and bloody Irish comedy about a sad train journey where an older man, whose wife has died that morning, encounters a strange and possibly psychotic young kid. If you are looking to treat yourself to something good for 27-minutes, watch this short film.

#5 Zamboni Man 

15 Must Watch Short Films Available On YouTube (Or Other Online Platforms)

Zamboni Man is a short story that is based on the lives of two unique and unlikely pairs: Walt, a Zamboni driver, and Tyler, a young figure skater. Directed by Seth Hendrikson, starring Micheal Shannon and Tatiana Totmianina, Zamboni Man is the magnum opus of  Hendrikson’s directorial career, which only includes one more feature film, Pottersville.

The story is a reminder of the power of imagination and delivers an unexpected message of hope by the end.


#4 A Trip to the Moon (1902)

Georges Méliès: how the filmmaker revolutionized cinema 100 years ago - Vox

If you are interested in the history of cinema, A Trip to the Moon is a piece of cinematic history that has become a staple of every aspiring filmmaker. Directed by George Méliès, the short film was unequivocally ahead of its time. It covers a story of a group of astronauts and their quest to reach the Moon. The film became  the earliest representative on Steven Schneider’s list of “1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die.”


#3 What Did Jack Do?

What Did Jack Do?' Will Reignite Your Desire for David Lynch - The Ringer

After announcing his retirement from feature films, David Lynch unexpectedly ventured into the world of short films. In his new Netflix short, David Lynch, gives an impeccable performance as a detective, sharing many qualities with his beloved character on Twin Peaks. He spends the story in a battle of wits with a sentient monkey (Jack), whom he is ardent to detain for murder.  What Did Jack Do? is the simplest story penned by the four-time Oscar nominee since his 1999 Disney film, The Straight Story. Imagine.


#2 Zion 

Zion (Short 2018) - IMDb

Zion Clark, a young wrestler born without legs, is all the inspiration that you will need, summed up in this 11-minute summary.  A Netflix Original, the short documentary has received plaudits from the festival circuits, and a worth being turned into a feature-length Hollywood movie.

#1 Sherlock Jr. (1924)

The boxes and lines of Sherlock, Jr. / The Dissolve

Sherlock Jr. is the story of a movie projectionist (Buster Keaton) who longs to be a detective. It is common knowledge these days, that anything with the phrase Sherlock in it is bound to be tantalizing and thrilling, this short film is no different. When his fiancee (Kathryn McGuire)  becomes a victim of a robbery perpetrated by a local victim ( Ward Crane), the projectionist is framed as the criminal. Using his amateur detective skills, the projectionist tails the thief to the train station, eventually ending up locked in a train car. Saddened, he returns to the theater, where he dozes off and becomes the Reichenbach Hero, Sherlock Holmes.





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