15 interesting and less-known facts about Apple CEO Tim Cook

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple Inc., is nothing short of a genius and a revolutionary. Cook, who joined Apple in 1998 took over as CEO in 2011 following the demise of Steve Jobs. Here are a few interesting and lesser-known facts about Tim Cook, the man who helped take Apple to great heights.

  1. Cook comes from a humble background in Alabama. Cook’s father worked at a shipyard and his mother was a homemaker. When Cook was young, he used to deliver newspapers.
  2. Cook isn’t your drop-out CEO. He has graduated from Auburn University in industrial engineering and has earned a Master of Business Administration from the Fuqua School Of Business at Duke University.
  3. Cook, with his extensive knowledge of technology, worked with Apple’s rivals IBM and Compaq before joining Apple in 1998.
  4. Steve Jobs personally recruited Tim Cook in 1998 to improve the manufacturing and shipping processes of the company. A reluctant Cook who had been avoiding phone calls was on board to join Apple five minutes into a meeting with Jobs.
  5. Cook serves as one of Nike’s Board of Directors. He can often be seen sporting Nike sneakers at events.
  6. Cook’s work ethic is hard to keep up with. He is usually the first one to reach the office and the last one to leave. Cook begins sending emails as early as 4:30 am and holds telephonic meetings on Sunday nights to discuss the agenda for the upcoming week.
  7. Cook was faced with a health scare in 1996 when he was misdiagnosed for multiple sclerosis. The experience urged him to take better care of his health and personal fitness. Cook regularly works out and engages in outdoor activities like hiking and bicycling.
  8. Cook is a huge fan of Auburn University football and has stayed involved with the program since his graduation from there in 1982.
  9. Tim Cook’s idols are Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr whose ideas have inspired him. His office walls are adorned with portraits of the two. He is also a big fan of Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong, whom he is heard quoting during meetings.
  10. Cook came out as gay in 2014, going on to become the first openly gay CEO of a Fortune 500 firm. As one of the most influential gay men in the country, Tim has fought against discrimination in the LGBTQIA+ community and has created an environment of acceptance and equality within the firm.
  11. Tim Cook was considered for Hillary Clinton’s running mate for the Clinton campaign in 2016.
  12. The University of Glasgow in Scotland has awarded Cook an honorary doctorate of science.
  13. Tim Cook had offered to donate part of his liver to Steve Jobs after he was diagnosed with cancer, but Jobs didn’t let him do that.
  14. Having worked at the paper mill in Alabama and an aluminum factory in Virginia, Cook is concerned about the labor industry and the poor working conditions laborers are subjected to.
  15. Tim Cook funds both sides for the political spectrum through donations, fundraisers, etc.