3 things new entrepreneurs often overlook when they start a business

Starting a new business can feel exciting, and if you’ve decided to pursue your dreams and turn your skills and/or knowledge into a business, congratulations. You’ll finally get a chance at making your own way and won’t have to be chained to a 9 to 5 anymore.

You do have to be ready for a whole new world of responsibilities, however. Many new entrepreneurs jump in head first, and while there’s merit to not overanalyzing, it’s still a good idea to plan carefully and avoid small omissions that could end up having negative consequences. Here are some of the things many new entrepreneurs overlook when starting a business.


Intellectual Property

IP issues are something we often see with websites or when people use material for publicity. They hire someone to create a website for them or they create one from a template they’ve found online. They then get panicked when they get a cease-and-desist order. Or they get a phone call because someone claims they stole part of their brand’s design elements.

This is something that could happen to you no matter the size of your business, which is why a business lawyer should be one of the first people you consult when starting. They’ll be able to tell you which pitfalls to avoid and also how to protect your own IP from theft.


Another common thing many entrepreneurs overlook is insurance, especially when they operate from their own homes. You have to take out business insurance on top of regular insurance or any theft or damage caused to business property will not be covered. Not only that, but if something happens and your home insurance provider learns that you are running a business, you might have trouble getting compensation.

This is why you need to start looking at business insurance as it will be essential for keeping your business safe. It will also protect you against different types of lawsuits, like product liability issues or if someone ends up being injured while you are working on a contract.

Workload Management

It’s very interesting to see how many new entrepreneurs think they can handle everything on their own or assume that it’s always better to work that way. In reality, new entrepreneurs are the ones who can benefit from outsourcing the most.

There are no reasons for someone with no experience in accounting to handle books or no knowledge of hiring and recruiting people to handle HR. So, see where your true experience lies, and try to delegate as much as you can.

Now would also be a good idea to learn a thing or two about automation. This too would allow you to concentrate on what you do best and save you lots of time and headaches. Things like promotional emails, bookkeeping, and many others can be automated pretty easily, so look at different options there too and see how it could help you streamline your operation.

Starting a business could be a life-changing experience, and it could buy you a ticket to financial independence. You do, however, need to have a clear road map and learn from the mistakes of others so you won’t have to commit them yourself.