5 Surprising things you probably didn’t Know about ‘Riverdale’

The CW’s “Riverdale” is a hit teen drama that’s now up to its fifth season.

Loosely based on the “Archie” comics, The CW’s “Riverdale” has already made a name for itself in the World of teen dramas, but there are a lot of interesting facts that even loyal fans might know about the show.

Here are some surprising things you probably didn’t know about Riverdale.

1. Camila Mendes and Sprouse went to college together

Before Mendes and Sprouse took on their roles, they both studied at New York University and even had classes in the same building.

“I saw him around and there was a time when we had class in the same building so I would always see him outside,” Mendes told office magazine in 2017.

Mendes said Sprouse didn’t remember her from NYU but added that his twin brother might.

“I would see him at parties sometimes and I always kind of randomly talked to his brother [Dylan] but I never got a chance to talk to him because he was more to himself,” Mendes said.

2. “Riverdale” purposely takes place in an unspecified time period.

For some fans, it might be a little confusing to figure out when exactly the show takes place.

As one Redditor pointed out, there are old cars and more classic decor or themes in the show, but the technology seems up to date, making it impossible to place the time period of “Riverdale.”

And in a 2017 ask-me-anything Reddit post, Sprouse confirmed the ambiguity is intentional.

“Riverdale has no formal or announced time period as of now,” Sprouse wrote. “And with the amount of money we dedicate to atmospheric fog, the setting is supposed to feel dream-like.”

3. The series is mostly filmed in Vancouver, Canada.

In fact, almost all of the show’s scenes are filmed in Canada.

The facade of Riverdale High School is actually Lord Byng Secondary School, but the interior shots are a combination of a few different campuses.

4. Apa broke his hand while filming the show’s season-one finale.

During the season-one finale, Archie injured his hand attempting to crack open the ice and save Cheryl from drowning.

And Apa actually broke his hand in real life, which showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa said he predicted might happen.

5. The three lead female characters’ lipsticks have been carefully chosen to fit their distinct personalities.

Betty sticks to feminine pinks and Veronica to dark purples, but Cheryl Blossom’s look isn’t complete without red lipstick.

“The most important piece of makeup for Cheryl is absolutely her red lipstick,” Petsch said in a 2017 Cover Girl behind-the-scenes video. “Red is the color of sass and fire, so when I put red lipstick on as Cheryl, it’s instantly done. It’s gotta be the lips.”