6 ways to make a better decision in life

At a certain point in life, we will reach a crossroad where we ought to decide which direction to turn to move forward. As cliche as it sounds, it is important to make the right decision, as every decision has a consequence. But what exactly is a ‘right decision’? How do we get there? How do we know if it’s the right decision? These are some of the questions that torment us from time to time. Well, the answer is there is no definition for ‘right decision’, but here are some ways to make a better decision in life:

1. Try not to over-analyze/ overthink

Weighing the pros and cons of a situation is very important, but overthinking it, well not really. It’s easier said than done but overthinking can actually make you more indecisive. It can also increase your anxiety level. Engaging in an activity to take your mind off the problem at hand can help you to a great extent. While you get involved in another activity, your thoughts are incubated. During this process, the unconscious mind takes over, allowing one to make the right decision. Sleeping on the problem is one good way of incubating your thoughts.

2. Reflect on your past decisions

Reflecting on previous decisions can give you insight into your choices and mistakes. It will also allow you to make a mental map of your decision-making procedure. Asking yourself what went wrong the last time can be a good way to start. It is equally important not to dwell on your mistakes, as it can influence your current decision-making process. It can also affect your mental health.

3. Consider the alternate view

Every decision can be viewed from different angles. When we choose or believe, even if it doesn’t serve us well, we cling to it. We assume these beliefs to be 100% correct. It is always important to look from other angles as well. Having a different perspective or being unbiased about something will provide clarity. It is also important to weigh the possibility of making a wrong choice.

4. Ask for feedback

Asking a trusted friend for feedback will provide you with another perspective, one that you might not have thought about before. But it is important not to ask many people for feedback. It’s like the old saying “too many cooks may spoil the dish”. Similarly, too much feedback can make you more indecisive. A trusted friend or someone with experience or knowledge about the situation can be a good go-to person.

5. Consider yourself as a trusted friend

Talking to yourself or giving advice to yourself is another way to make a better decision. While advising yourself, you tend to remove yourself from the problem. It makes you analyze the problem/situation more objectively. It can also help you be more positive about yourself.

6. The decision should align with your values

Before making a decision, it is important to understand whether your potential choice aligns with your values. Values here mean things that mean the most to you. It could be a person, your career, your lifestyle, or anything that you value. If you are unsure about your core values, list down your highest values. After that analyze whether your choice aligns with your values. This again will give you more clarity. 

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