7 common winter health problems and ways to avoid them

Keeping yourself fit and healthy is important all your long but there are certain health problems that are more common and specific in winters.

Listed below are some common health problems which occur only in winter.

Common cold

A lot of viruses can cause cold but rhinoviruses are the most common cause. To avoid this, wash your hands frequently.


You can get sick with flu virus at any time during the year. The most important thing you can do to prevent the spread of flu is to get a flu shot and keep washing your hands frequently.

Sore throat

To treat sore throat, you need to monitor the symptoms. You generally don’t need a medical help for sore throat but if the symptoms don’t get better then talk to a doctor.

Strep throat

This again is specific to winter but it’s easier to spread bacterial infections when people spend a lot of time in close proximity. It is more common in children. Antibiotics can help in treating strep throat.

Asthama attacks

Cold dry air can trigger asthma attacks for people with asthma. Make sure to take any medication that has been prescribed by your physician and always carry your inhaler if you have one. Try exercising indoors and avoid vigorous physical activity outdoors.

Poor indoor air quality

The air quality in doors is typically much lower than the air quality outdoors. For good are keep changing your air filters, sweep, dust and vaccum, wash linens regularly, install carbon monoxide detector.

Seasonal depression

It is ok to find yourself more lethargic and less happy during the winter season. Less sunlight, less physical activity and changes in your sleep schedule may cause stress. Try our best to stick to your regular schedule and talk to your doctor if you are concerned about feelings of depression.

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