8 of Emma Watson’s most iconic red carpet looks

She is bold, beautiful, smart, and a gorgeous fashion icon on red carpets at movie premiers and award nights. Check out her best looks!

Emma Watson, also known as Hermionie or Bella, is one of the boldest, most chic stunners on the red carpets. Throughout her appearances at award nights, Emma’s always sported in something bold, daring, and bizarre. Pleasantly, she’s always been a good surprise. She is bold, beautiful, smart, and a gorgeous fashion icon.

Here are 13 of Emma Watson’s most iconic red carpet shots.


Let’s go Burberry Gold!

Emma Watson at London Fashion Week

At the London Fashion Week 2009, Emma dazzled us all with her stunning golden Burberry dress.

Deadly at Deathly Hallows

Emma Watson at the Harry Potter Premiere

This was one of the most refreshing looks Emma Watson’s pulled on. In earlier Harry Potter premiers, Emma always played it safe and subtle… Here, she just went outright bold.

Black and Bold

Emma Watson at the Met Gala 2013

At the 2013 Met Gala, Emma Watson came with her shoulders back and down, head up high, and a black dress, looking poised, beautiful, and elegant.

Pants under a dress!?!

via E!Online, Red Carpet Fashion Awards

Emma, as usual, looked stunning in her red dress… till she turned! Still, she rocked it.

Lookin’ sharp, kid!

This one screams IVY GRADUATE. She just looks real sharp, and real smart.

Lacy and Sexy

Emma jibing sexy vibes with lace and leather at Paris Fashion Week.

Glow and Glitter

Her’s skins glowing and her bodice is a glittering black sequence. She’s giving us all the feels at the Elle Style Awards 2014.

Oui, monsieur! Oui, m’dame!

Emma’s rockin’ all French here giving us all classy, posh madame vibes at the Oscar De La Renta