Anne Marie’s princess look at the 2020 BRITS Hits a Flashback

The Florence Grellier pink fairytale princess seems to go nowhere out of memory.

Anne Marie’s had posted her 2020 Brits Awards Photograph and everyone remembers.

Anne Marie, the 30 year old singer from East Tilbury, UK, had showed off her pink fairytale princess dress at the 2020 BRITS and today she just reminded everyone about it.

She did not have any nominations for the year of 2020 but her appearance at the 40th ceremonial event did make a long lasting impression.

Marie, wrapped in her fairytale-esque pink satin gown with matching pink hair and tiara, a giant bow behind her did put her on top of the Best Dressed Guests of the day.

But it wasn’t just Anne, Billie Eilish, Lizzo, and Harry Styles were all there ruling the red carpet. Her super long train which covered a huge space of the carpet made every one nervous not to step on it. And it did look cool, how she had posed with the bow on her back.

Stylist Phoebe Lettice Thompson has done her magic again when the then 28 year old pop singer ruled the carpet for others envy.