Apple’s brand new software updates and what’s new about them

WatchOS 8 for Apple watches, users can now set pictures in portrait modes as watch face and background, messages can be typed, sent and received on the watch itself, the updated Breathe App that suggests and monitors breathing exercises and the all-new Mindfulness app that displays quotes and ‘Reflections’- inspirational meditation-adjacent phrases.

iPadOS 15 that has been talked up by the team for its multitasking feature that allows users to work on two applications simultaneously, new sticky notes that can be handwritten through Apple pencils, introduced App Library that until now could only be used in iPhones, Translate App updated to translate what’s been said real-time.


iOS 15 for iPhones allows users to share FaceTime links for scheduled meetings like other interfaces that is Zoom, Google Meet, ‘Shared With You’ that assembles all the links that have been shared with you in one place, Notifications can now be sorted according to the user’s priorities, focus mode for apps that user wants to hide, Live Text that can scan physical texts in pictures or through the camera.

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