Are Onion Rings A Good Snack For Dogs?

Have you ever munched down on a fast-food burger, taken a look at your onion ring sides, and wonder if you could feed some to your dog?

There are tons of pet owners from different backgrounds who have asked if they can feed onion rings to their dogs. Since our pets always look like they want a bit out of our food, it’s hard not to give in and give them a bit or two.


But if you plan on feeding your dog onion rings, you may want to think twice. In fact, it might be best for you to find another snack for your pet since onions are toxic for dogs and can cause a lot of problems.

As a pet owner, you’re responsible for your dog’s health. And while you can’t protect them from everything, you have full control of their diet and should ensure that everything they eat is good for their health.

And in this article, we’ll be looking closely at why you shouldn’t feed your dog onion rings, what can happen if they eat onions, and what to do if you catch your dog eating onions.

Read on to learn more.

Can I Feed My Dog Onion Rings?

While it might seem like a fun and tasty snack, we highly suggest keeping onion rings away from your dog. There are many reasons that onion rings are a bad idea for dogs, and let’s start with the first one: fat and salt.

Fat and salt are foundational elements of the human culinary experience. However, keep in mind that humans are the only species that cook their food with that much salt and fat. Remember, onion rings are deep-fried and contain a lot of salt, which can be very bad for your dog.

High amounts of fat and salt can lead to obesity in your pet, and that’s just the start. Obesity opens up doors to many sicknesses and may cause your dog to live a very uncomfortable life. So, if onion rings are already unhealthy for humans, you can imagine how much unhealthier they’ll be for dogs.

The second and arguably biggest reason that dogs can’t have onion rings is because of the main ingredient: onions. Humans put onions in a lot of recipes and eat them on their own. However, onions are very toxic for dogs and can lead to serious conditions like hemolytic anemia.

So, for the safety of your pet, keep them away from onion rings and any onions you may have in your kitchen and garden.

Why Are Onions Bad for Dogs?

The onion and all the allium family members (including garlic, shallots, and chives) are toxic for dogs. The main reason for this is that these plants contain thiosulfates, which attack a dog’s red blood cells.

Spot & Tango explains why onions are bad for dogs in this article. However, it mainly boils down to the presence of thiosulfates in all members of the allium family. On top of that, these thiosulfates are found in the bulbs, stems, and leaves of the plant. So, if you have onion and garlic plants in your garden, it’s best to put some protections to make sure your dog won’t get to them.

What Happens When a Dog Eats an Onion?

Many things can happen if your dogs eat onions. To start, the onions themselves may upset their stomach. Check your onion and garlic stash if you notice your dog vomiting, experiencing diarrhea, and looking lethargic. If they got to your onions and garlic without you noticing, they might have eaten a lot, which caused their upset stomach.

With that said, this is just the start of the onion poisoning symptoms in dogs. If your pet is lucky, their body will process the onions and expel everything that’s left. But if your pet ate a lot of onions, they could collapse, start drooling, show a lack of coordination, or have a red discoloration in their urine.

In the worst cases, onions could cause hemolytic anemia in dogs, which is something that no dog owner would want for their pet.

Will a Tiny Piece of Onion Hurt My Dog?

The amount of onions your dog can eat largely depends on their size, breed, and other factors. In most cases, a small piece of onion won’t hurt your dog. However, if you catch your dog eating an onion, we recommend stopping them right away and observing them see if anything else happens.

While a little bit of onion won’t hurt your dog most of the time, we don’t recommend it. You never know if your dog is more sensitive to thiosulfate than other animals, and you won’t want to take the risk.


Your dog can’t and shouldn’t eat onion rings. This food can be toxic to dogs, and you want to avoid feeding them onions at all costs. There are tons of alternative healthy and tasty dog treats out there, and we recommend sticking to those options if you want your dog to live a long and healthy life.