‘ARMY Selca Day’ takes the internet by storm as ARMY share selfies alongside favorite BTS members

ARMY all around the globe have come together on Twitter, to celebrate the ‘ARMY Selca Day’, by sharing their selfies with their biases from the boy band.

The South Korean boy band ‘BTS’, also known as the ‘Bangtan Boys’, is one of the most successful and the largest boy bands in the world, and have contributed hugely for the recognition of the K-pop culture.

With years of struggle and perseverance, the boy band has garnered immense love and popularity for themselves internationally, truly deserving where they stand today.

Having made their debut in 2013 under the ‘Big Hit Entertainment’, BTS’ hardships and efforts bore exceptional results, as the band has come a long way since then.

BTS have some amazing fan following and devoted wellwishers, all around the globe, who are known as ‘ARMY’.

As per the tradition, the first Tuesday of every month is celebrated as the ‘ARMY Selca Day’, in honour of both, the band as well as the fans.

Selca standing for ‘selfie’, this is the day when people come together to post pictures of themselves, with their biases.

Here’s how fans from all around the globe have taken to Twitter today, by coming together to celebrate the ‘ARMY Selca Day’, with a selfie alongside their favourite band member, trying to imitate them while posing in a similar way as well as in matching outfits.


Currently trending at number two in the United States, hashtags ‘ARSD’ and ‘Army Selca Day’ have proven that there are no better fans than the ARMY, who are truly dedicated to their idol ‘BTS’, and never miss out on any chance to prove their love and admiration for the boys on social media.

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