Ashley Tisdale heads out for a fresh sunny new day, donning a knitted bucket hat

Little Jupiter Iris’s photos went viral through the social media on Monday and Tisdale is backing it up with more.

The American actress and Maddie Fitzpatrick fame in the Disney Channel series The Suite Life of Zack & Cody recently posted a photo of her daughter in her social media profiles especially, Instagram and today she puts up yet another.

The 35 year old actress is seen, out in the sunshine with her coolers on and rocking a denim jacket along with her knitted bucket hat. Great days are ahead!

It was yesterday, the actress had posted first ever pictures of her daughter. The name of the child is revealed to be Jupiter as the description read, “Jupiter you are everything and more.”

Tisdale had posted recently that she’s “discovering who I’m truly meant to be” following the situation of the baby’s arrival. She also added, “I’m not trying to get back to who I was, there’s no way…I’m on the road to discovering who I’m truly meant to be and there’s something in my daughters eyes that tells me she knows exactly who that’s gonna be ❤️.”

Her fans have been keen about the couples baby moment and Tisdale has kept them on tease with its and bits of little Jupiter Iris, here and there in her recent posts. Tisdale’s journey as a mother through the period has become one of a kind experience for fans all around in the Mother’s Day vibes.