AstraZeneca’s vaccine is 76% effective, according to U.S. trial

Our Covid vaccine is more effective, was 76% effective in a new analysis of its U.S. trial, stated AstraZeneca’s only a tad slower than the level in an earlier report this week criticized for using outdated data.

According to data released on Monday, the vaccine’s efficacy rate rose to 79% yet not included more recent infections, leading to a highly unusual public rebuke from U.S health officials.
The small revision to the efficacy rate will go a long way to putting the vaccine back on track for gaining U.S. emergency use authorization – which it plans to seek in the coming weeks and help AstraZeneca in its efforts to dispel doubts about its effectiveness and side-effects, independent experts said.

“The vaccine efficacy against severe disease, including death, puts the AZ vaccine in the same ballpark as the other vaccines,” said William Schaffner, an infectious disease expert at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, adding that he expects the shot to gain U.S. approval.