Becky G shares a throw back photoshoot post through her Instagram

It arrives in style for Becky G with the latest photo dump on Instagram!

Nobody can bring the “edge” into a picture like Becky G! Recently, the American singer-songwriter took to her Instagram account to post a series of pictures from her last photo shoot. The young beauty was seen posing on the edge of a building with an all-black suit and knee-high boot.

The diva rocked the 80s look like a star giving us that era vibes. The star captioned the series of pictures with the caption “Throwback Fashion girl dump on the timeline.” She even added that the look and the pose were all inspired by the beauty queen Madonna. Her super classy and super sexy look made the fans out of words to describe the stunner. The star surely knows how to be the talk of the town even with a “dump” post.