Best cool pool toys which will make you want to jump into the water right now

The swimming pool is an awesome place to be. Splashing, sun, exercising—the range of activities and ways to entertain one’s self are almost limitless.

No matter how old your kids are, there are pool toys available to keep them entertained, active, and improve their water skills. Little swimmers can get comfortable with toddler-friendly squirt toys and floating boats that can go from the bathtub to the pool and back again. Gem-filled treasure chests, scooping nets, and other dive-and-catch toys encourage bourgeoning swimmers, while options like a floating bean bag toss or inflatable water slide keep kids busy for hours.

To upgrade your time in the water, these are the best pool toys on Amazon.

1. GoPong Beer Pong Inflatable

The GoPong Beer Pong Inflatable can be rolled up for easy travel (about the same size as an air mattress), is inflated and deflated quickly, and doubles as a drink table between rounds.

2. JOYIN Floating Volleyball and Basketball Toy

The JOYIN B-ball and V-ball set puts the pool play with this two-in-one combo platter.

While the basketball net can float around without an anchor, the volleyball net can be tethered to the side of the pool, whether it’s an in-ground or above-ground swim pool.

3. Watermelon Ball

Its unique design and buoyancy mean it can fill with water, sink to the depth of your pool, and float back, ready to be kicked, dribbled, or used as a rugby ball.

4. Water Sports Swim Thru Rings

The SwimThruRings, a three-pack of collapsible rings that sink to the bottom and float vertically, are a great tool for teaching kids how to swim and manage their bodies in the water.

5. Intex Inflatable Flamingo Ride-On

This massive inflatable Flamingo is a whole lot of fun to try and jump on, ride, and soak up the sun on. Swim floaties are popular for children and kids, so why shouldn’t older kids and adults get in on the fun and adult too.