Biden likely to fall short of July 4 vaccination goal

It is likely that the vaccination goal set by President Joe Biden to have at least 70% of American adults jabbed with one shot wont be met considering the current pace- an average of about 353,000 adults have received their first vaccine each day the previous week but in order to reach Biden’s goal, that number will need to increase to about 892,000.

Even though it is commendable to note that more than half the nation’s population has been vaccinated with at least one shot, the pace of vaccine administration has also fallen significantly from its peak.Two months back, in early April, more than 2 million adults were reported newly vaccinated each day thus to get this pace back the Biden administration is trying to increasing public outreach, as well as encourage vaccine incentives like discounts or sweepstakes for vaccinated people.

Biden’s promises of 100 million, then 150 million, then 200 million doses administered in for his first 100 days in office were reached with plenty of time to spare meaning U.S. had performed exceptionally well because of its highly advanced vaccination program initially.However, now the pace needs to get back on track. Overall, the United States administered more than 230 million COVID-19 shots within Biden’s first 100 days as president.