Biden to visit Mack Truck plant in Lehigh valley as part of “Made in America” campaign

The White House on Tuesday announced that President Joe Biden is set to visit the Mack Trucks plant in Lower Macungie Township on Wednesday. The visit is part of “Made in America” week celebrated from July 26-30.

 The president is expected to address the “importance of American manufacturing and buying products made in America and supporting good-paying jobs for American workers,” the White House said in a statement.


According to Reuters, the President will also unveil new rules that will gradually boost the U.S. content of goods bought with taxpayer dollars.

Biden will also meet with local members of the United Autoworkers Union who work at the Mack Truck plant. 

The White House on Wednesday unveiled a new set of guidelines that “lays out a whole of government agenda to maximize the use of taxpayer dollars on domestic products and services to strengthen our industrial base and create good-paying, union jobs for Americans.” 

In January Biden had signed an executive order that launches an initiative to strengthen the use of federal procurement to support American manufacturing.