Billie Eilish goes Blond; Fans cannot have enough of her bold look

It’s a pop culture emergency, Billie Eilish is BLOND! Recently, the teenage super sensation Billie Eilish stunned the pop music world with her newest reveal. The star went from brunette with green highlights to blond, and the look is to die for.


The 19-year-old pop diva took to her Instagram account to share her new transformation. She paired the reveal of her long locks with sassy 90’s music giving us the true vibe of that pop culture age. She posted a picture of her in those blond cascades of hair with the caption “pinch me.”

Recently, she was seen rocking her green highlighted black hair on the red carpet of Grammy’s, and days later she shocked her fans with an improved new age look. It is true to say that miss Eilish is owning the look without any second thought.

Her fans went gaga upon this new reveal with many celebs reacting to the news in their possible way. It is too much for an Eilish fan to take in!