Black Twitter and Irish Twitter “celebrating” the demise of Duke of Edinburgh

Twitter becomes a fighting ground for the fans and opposers of the Royal family, while many celebrate His Royal Highness’ death.

The cold blood of British rule can still be seen around the globe and the people are certainly not happy with the fact. On the day of His Royal Highness’ demise, the world saw two sides of Twitter – one was mourning his death and the other was “glad” that he died.


Recently, after Prince Philip’s death, Twitter was filled up with his mourning supporters. However, a class was noticed when the Black Twitter and Irish Twitter people started tweeting about the prince’s death and celebrating the “occasion”.

Laying it down to the simple cause, the black community was in a rage after the Duchess of Sussex accused the royal family of being racist. The current status of Royal rule in some parts of Africa and America made the community angry enough to backlash the family.

While some people black community started tweeting congratulating others on His Royal Highness’ death, the Irish community joined the cause celebrating the death of Prince Philip. There are still six states in Ireland that are under direct British rule fighting for their freedom. Moreover, this chaotic approach of the two communities made Twitter a battleground for the people creating virtual world of havoc.

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