Boy Swallows Universe: Is it coming to Netflix in April 2023?

Based on Trent Dalton’s semi-autobiographical novel of the same name, Boy Swallows Universe is an anticipated Australian coming-of-age television limited series for Netflix. The novel, which was written by John Collee, centers on Eli Bell, a young working-class child who joins Brisbane’s underworld in order to save the life of his mother.

Joel Edgerton, an Australian actor and filmmaker, will helm the television version of Boy Swallows Universe, which was purchased by Anonymous Content, Chapter One, and Hopscotch Productions.


In case you are looking for more details about this upcoming series, then you are at the right place, following are all the details you need to know about Boy Swallows Universe.

Boy Swallows Universe: Cast

At this moment, the network is yet to update about the cast of this upcoming series which is why we cannot provide you the exact list of the entire cast members. As per the reports, following is the potential cast of the series.

  • Travis Fimmel as Lyle Orlik
  • Simon Baker as Robert Bell
  • Phoebe Tonkin as Frances Bell
  • Felix Cameron as Eli Bell
  • Lee Tiger Halley as Gus Bell
  • Bryan Brown as Slim Halliday
  • Anthony La Paglia as Tytus Broz
  • Sophie Wilde as Caitlyn Spies
  • Christopher James Baker as Ivan Kroll
  • HaiHa Le as Bich Dang
  • Isaac Strutt-Stevens as Christopher
  • Deborah Mailman as Poppy Birkbeck
  • Ben O’Toole as Teddy
  • Zachary Wan as Darren Dang
  • Millie Donaldson as Shelley Huffman
  • Eloise Rothfield as Shelley Huffman
  • Drew Matthews as Titch
  • Matthew Knight as prison guard of Boggo Rd jail.

Boy Swallows Universe: Plot

According to MovieWeb, the series centers on Eli Bell, a 12-year-old growing up in Brisbane, Australia in 1983. His life is anything but easy, as his mother is in jail, his father is gone, and his stepfather is a heroin dealer. The only stable adult in his life is Slim, a prison-escaping felon who looks after Eli and his nonverbal older brother August.”

Boy Swallows Universe: When can we watch it?

As of now, there is no update from Netflix regarding the release date of the series. However, we think it is safe to speculate that the series will likely premiere by the end of 2023 or in the next year.