BTS might have their own Instagram accounts hiding from our plain sights

BTS Army is curious to find out whether or not their favorite K-pop singers git their secret accounts.

Is there anything that the BTS Army should be aware of? Does the hand get their individual secret Instagram accounts? Well, we all know how anticipated and excited the world gets when the talk about BTS gets on board.


Recently, the world was hooked by the rumor that the cute boys of the BTS boy band would be having secret Instagram accounts of their own that the Army is unaware of. However, from various surveys and sources, it was recently got clear that the boy and does not possess any personal accounts of their own. This is sad!

However, the world is still in constant search of getting any slight possibility of the boys being on any official pages. The Army and is one of the largest fan bases in the world of a boy band and the world would turn into havoc if the boys get their own accounts.

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