Celebrating birthday of Mandy Moore; Our very own Jane from ‘A Walk to Remember’

Happy Birthday, Jane, thank you for bringing melody to our lives.

From “A Walk to Remember” to “Tangle,” Mandy Moore gave us some of the best movies that we can ever ask for! Born as Amanda Leigh Moore in Nashua, New Hampshire, our Hollywood queen started her life in showbiz being a singer. The idea of pursuing singing for young Moore came after watching “Oklahoma!” after which she was known as the “National Anthem girl” after singing the national anthem at various events.

Later on, a small gig turned out to be a real deal when she went on singing a record deal with the Sony 550 music at the age of 15. Moreover, her career took a turn and she started touring with the Back Street Boys. The woman may not be as popular as Britney and Christina back in time, but her dual skills of both acting and singing gave her more than any of the stars.


The little beauty went on to land various movies and dramas like Try Seventeen, License to wed, How to deal, and more. However, the pathbreaking movie that molded her career was the Nicholas Sparks adaptation movie, “A Walk to Remember” where she stole everyone’s heart with her acting and melodious voice. Today, this beauty is globally known for the series, This is Us but she stills captures millions of hearts being “Jane” from the hit 2002 movie.

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