Celebrity couples who have been married for over 50 years

1. Christopher Walken & Georgianne Walken

After meeting during a performance of West Side Story in the 1960s, the actor and his wife, a casting director, have been married for more than five decades. The actor recently told the New York Times that one of his greatest achievements is his 53-year marriage, and she is one of his blessings.


“Every now and again — certainly not frequently — I’ll glance out the window and think, ‘I feel fairly good,'” he remarked. “My bills are paid, my wife is in good health, and the weather is pleasant. That’s basically all I care about: when I glance out the window and think, “This is good,” for no apparent reason.”

2. Michael Caine & Shakira Caine

In the early 1970s, the actor fell in love with his future wife after seeing her in a Maxwell House commercial. He quips that it took a few tries to get her to date him, but they’ve been inseparable ever since; they married in 1973 and have a daughter, Natasha.

“We are always together. She is not only one of the most gorgeous persons I have ever seen, but she is also the gentlest, most caring individual I have ever met “In 1976, he informed PEOPLE about his happy marriage, which was featured on the cover of the magazine. “My wife is a stunning Indian woman who prepares delicious Italian cuisine. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

3. Dolly Parton & Carl Thomas Dean

The couple has been married since 1966, although they are rarely seen together due to her hectic schedule in the spotlight and Dean’s preference for staying at home. Parton told PEOPLE that absence makes the heart grow fonder in their instance.

“When people ask me what the secret is to my long marriage and lasting love, I always joke and laugh,” she remarked. “‘Stay away!’ I often say, and there’s a lot of truth in that. I travel a lot, but when we’re together, we really appreciate each other and the simple things we do.”

4. Susan Lucci & Helmut Huber

Lucci may have married more than ten times in her renowned role as Erica Kane on All My Children, but she was married to the same man in real life from 1969 until his death in 2022.
“I married when I was young. “I had a hunch that this man would wear well, and he has,” she said of their long-term relationship to PEOPLE. “I’ve always loved Helmut because he was A, very clever, B, very confident in himself, and C, very, very witty, and so on.” My spouse is European, Austrian, and to my young eyes, he seemed quite worldly and experienced – we’ve been married for ten years. Everything turned out to be correct.

5. Samuel L. & LaTanya Richardson Jackson

The actor and his actress wife celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in August. “We started dancing 50 years ago, it was all fun and games,” he posted on Instagram. “I appreciate you keeping me on my toes and on the beat for the past 18,250 days. You make my heart soar! We’re not done dancing yet, so don’t change the music.”

6. Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter

The former president and first lady have been married for 74 years, making them the country’s longest-married presidential couple. The Carters met for the first time in the early 1940s, when President Carter was on leave from the Naval Academy and asked Mrs. Carter out on a date to the movies with her sister Ruth.

In Phil Donahue and Marlo Thomas’ book, What Makes a Marriage Last, the former president said, “I just felt compatible with her.” “She was lovely and innocent, and there was a connection. Ruth and her boyfriend were in the front seat of a Ford pickup truck, and I kissed her on our first date. That is something I strongly recall.”

“Rosalynn was the one I wanted to marry,” President Carter informed his mother the next morning.

They married on July 7, 1946, and have four children: Jack, Jeff, Chip, and Amy.

7. Bonnie Bartlett & William Daniels

The couple, who married on June 30, 1951, will celebrate 70 years of marriage this June.

“I think our relationship is founded on mutual respect, and I think she is smarter than me, a greater actor than me, so I just hang on and try to get along,” Daniels said in a recent interview with Forbes.

“He doesn’t mean it at all!” Bartlett added, laughing.

Daniels continued: “I’m a performer! I’m making things up as I go.”

Robert, Michael, and William Jr. are the couple’s three sons.