CEO of Teneo Declan Kelly steps down following inappropriate behavior at charity event

Declan Kelly, CEO of Teneo – a consulting firm, resigned after showing up drunk at a charity event last month and acting inappropriately with a number of women.

The firm’s co-founder and chief operating officer, Paul Keary, will be taking over as CEO immediately.


Kelly’s drunken behavior at the charity event hosted by Global Citizen on May 2 raised concerns among those present. He is said to have acted inappropriately with at least six women in full view of the guest present there.

Kelly issued a statement with regard to the event, stating, “On May 2nd I made an inadvertent, public and embarrassing mistake for which I took full responsibility and apologized to those directly affected, as well as my colleagues and clients. A campaign against the reputation of our firm has followed and may even continue in the coming days. However, regardless of the veracity of any such matters, I do not want them to be an ongoing distraction to the running of our company.”

Additionally, Kelly apologized to his staff, saying, “This incident has been a huge wake-up call for me. I immediately quit drinking and am undertaking ongoing counseling from healthcare professionals. I will never drink again.” He added“I have learned hard lessons and the work that needs to get done is on me and I am doing it right now. It will be an ongoing journey that will last the rest of my life.” In conclusion, he said, “As many of you know I have temporarily reduced my work responsibilities so I have the time to focus on my health. Please know I will be back in a full capacity in September and remain as committed as ever to Teneo.”