Chipotle honors health workers by giving out 250,000 free burritos

In a gesture to honor the frontline warriors during the Covid-19 pandemic for more than a year now, Chipotle has come up with an initiative to offer a free meal.

Chipotle stated on Tuesday that it will hand out 250,000 burritos to medical professionals. In order to avail the benefit, health workers can sign up for a free burrito starting at 10 AM PT on Thursday, April 29.

In order to fill out the application, the health workers will need to provide their employee ID, stated Chipotle. After submitting the form, they’ll receive an email within a week to notify them that their order has been approved. Five days later, they’ll be emailed a code for a free entrée.

They’ll have to enter that code at the checkout online or by the app and can also redeem the offer in-store. The code expires on may 31 and the application for a free burrito can only be done once.

Also, if a non-healthcare worker wants to show their appreciation for healthcare worker’s work during the pandemic, they can do that by commenting with messages of support on Chipotle’s Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok posts.