Chrissy Teigen launches ‘Fertility Out Loud’ for women struggling with infertility

Model Chrissy Teigen (35) has launched a new campaign ‘Fertility Out Loud’ for helping women who struggle with fertility issues.

Model Chrissy Teigen (35) launched a new campaign ‘Fertility Out Loud’ on Monday to support women struggling with infertility and empower them to be vocal about such issues so that they find support.

Chrissy was pregnant with her and musician husband John Legend’s third child in September 2020. Due to a weak placenta, Chrissy was addressed to bed rest and given multiple blood transfusions due to severe blood loss.  Following her hospitalization, she suffered a miscarriage in the month of October and took to Instagram to express her sorrow and painful heartbreak for the same.

Chrissy and John had their first two children via in vitro fertilization.

The model shows her vulnerability on social media to support and encourage other women who might be suffering from similar issues and to let them know that they are not alone. She wants to eradicate the stigma surrounding infertility.

She told USA Today, “I feel like the more we’re open about talking about something, the more normalized it becomes. I’m happy to be the one to be able to yell loudly from the rooftops and talk about my uterus and talk about my everything. If that’s going to make other women feel that they can do it too, then I will be that person and I’m happy to do it.”

Launched during the National Infertility Week, ‘Fertility Out Loud’ is a campaign in association with RESOLVE:The National Infertility Association and Ferring Pharmaceuticals.

It helps locate fertility specialists near your area and the necessary factors to look out for in them. It also informs you about the related resources and insurances for support.