Coronavirus infected children experiencing Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome

Children dealing with coronavirus infection have been experiencing a syndrome which has led to cause of worry.

Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (MIS), a Covid-19 related syndrome is being identified in children.

Indian health ministry has asked all state governments to check for this syndrome. The government has also ordered states to look for secondary and tertiary care institutions that are expert as well as have facilities to help deal with children having MIS-C.

Over the past two weeks, many cases of the syndrome have been recorded and the issues regarding the newly emerged syndrome has led to grave concern.

Children dealing with MIS in can have pretty serious complication. Normally children dealing with Coronavirus infection have mild illness, however, the situation can get critical with MIS.

With Covid-19 generated MIS, children can experience inflammation in some organs and tissues involving lungs, heart, brain, blood vessels, digestive system, kidneys, skin or eyes. The symptoms can be identified for depending on the areas of the body that are impacted, the IE reported.