Duke and Duchess of Cambridge breaks the death news of Prince Philip to their kids gently

Prince William and Princess Kate told their children that granddaddy is now an “angle” revealing the death of Prince Philip.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge break the news of the passing away of Prince Philip to their children. Recently, according to Fox News, the loss of his Grandfather came as a shock for their Royal Highnesses. However, gathering all the strengths the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are gearing up to break done the news to their children.


Prince Philip died on Friday at the age of 99 leaving a trail of historic idolizes to be carried on by his son and grandsons. The royal couple is planning to take the news to their children, who are still unaware of the event, in a very calm and gentle way. A royal inside stated, “William told George, Charlotte, and Loius that Prince Philip has ‘gone to heaven’ is an angel now.”

The young royals are feeble and gentle which is why the Duchess wanted to make them comfortable about their feelings and then give them the news. Prince Philip was the most adored great grandfather to the children and his passing away will create a hole in children’s life.

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