Elephant in Thailand crashes into kitchen looking for food

A woman in Thailand was met with a ‘huge’ surprise when she went into her kitchen to find out where the loud noises were coming from. To her utter shock, an elephant had entered the kitchen in search of snacks.

The incident happened to Ratchadawan Puengprasoppon, a resident of Hua Hin in southern Thailand at 2 am. The elephant, named Boonchuay, broke into the kitchen and rummaged through drawers in search of food.
Puengprasoppon quietly filmed a video that took the internet by storm.

But, the residents of Hua Hin say this incident isn’t the first of its kind. Elephants in the area roam the streets and local markets in search of the food they smell.
The World Wildlife Fund is working alongside the National Park to ensure there’s no conflict between humans and animals.

Boonchuay had visited Puengprasoppon’s home before without causing any damage. This incident would cost her around 50,000 Bahts, or over $1,500 for repairs.