Emilia Clarke’s crime thriller flick ‘Above Suspicion’ proves out to be one of the biggest hits of this year

Emilia Clarke’s Above Suspicion is doing very well and has toplined the theatres have a look at what the film offers.

Emilia Clarke’s crime thriller flick Above Suspicion is proving to be one of the biggest hits of this year. Released in selected theatres and digital platform, the movie is blowing the minds of people.

The movie is based on one of the most nefarious crimes recorded in FBI history. Along with Game of Thrones star Emilia, the movie features Chris Mulkey, Omar Miller, Kevin Dunn, Austin Hébert, Karl Glusman Thora Birch, Johnny Knoxville, Huston, Sophie Lowe and  Austin Hébert.

Emilia Clarke will play the protagonist Susan Smith who wants to escape from the life of crime and drugs and wants to have a peaceful life and this from what Emilia did earlier. The plot goes on as she is hired by one of the FBI agents to provide information and she thinks that her life in crime will be over and she will be able to flee away, as the story goes on her feelings for the agent (Huston) surfaces and gives birth to threat on both of their lives.

The film critique of Deadline, Pete Hammond, in his review wrote, “Shot in the area in which the real story took place in 1988 and ’89, Above Suspicion benefits from a strong dose of authenticity anchored by a revelatory performance from Clarke, who nails the demeanour and accent of a doomed soul trying to escape a beaten life.”