French wine that orbited in space for a year to be offered for sale, priced at $1 million

Christie’s, a British auction house is presenting for the first time ‘space-wine’. Pétrus 2000, French wine from Bordeaux was launched into space in November 2019 and spent more than a year on the International Space Station. The auction house has said that the wine is now available for private sale for a whopping $1 million and the proceeds collected would be going further into research as part of a series of experiments in agricultural science.

The bottle which has spent almost 440 days in space comes with a unique trunk, imagined and handcrafted by the Parisian Maison d’Arts Les Ateliers Victor. Among other wines, Pétrus 2000 was selected for the experiment because it has a “documented history that allows the effects of the time that the wine spent in space to be measured.”

Christie’s commented in a statement how very significant changes were noted in the wine’s color, aroma, and taste along with a dozen scientists and researchers who had also participated in its analysis and comparison process from regular non-space wines in March.