Hashtag ‘Black Out BTS’ is trending to celebrate black ARMYs

We are all familiar with the discrimination and hatred that black people as well as the Asians have to face. Hashtags ‘BlackOutBTS’ and ‘ButterBlackout’ trends to celebrate such fans.

BTS also known as the ‘Bangtan Boys’, is a South Korean, all-boy band, consisting of seven members, including Namjoon, Jungkook, Min-Yoongi, Taehyung, Jin, Jimin and J-Hope.

Hashtag ‘BlackOutBTS’ is made for and used by those population of the fans who get silenced more often, and go through hatred and discrimination, whenever they express their love for the band on social media.


As black ARMYs get frequently ridiculed, attacked and disrespected, the hashtag has been formed with the motive of celebrating such fans and encouraging them to openly and freely express their love and opinions for their bias members.

As we know, that first Tuesday of every month is celebrated as ‘Army Selca Day’, wherein fans take to Twitter to join the tradition, by posting their selfie (Selca), alongside a picture of their bias, trying to replicate it.

However, there are black fans who get trolled and criticized upon doing so. They are often told to prefer their own style of music as they believe that K-Pop songs aren’t made for them.

Music is enjoyed and cherished by anyone who wishes to do so, regardless of their gender, language, caste or race, and with this hashtag, we aim at spreading awareness regarding the same.

Here’s how black fans have taken to Twitter to make ‘#BlackOutBTS’ go trending, as they pose with their biases, setting aside the brutal stereotypes-

We hope that people’s opinions about black people change and they get the equal amount of respect and opportunities that they deserve.