Here are Top 5 Netflix shows returning with their brand new seasons in 2023

Fans of these thrilling shows and numerous others may anticipate being sucked back into their compelling worlds on Netflix.

Many ideas attempt to explain why people enjoy series, but the truth is that they fall short of adequately expressing how fun it is to temporarily lose oneself in a made-up world and its narrative. The thrill of following the same characters over time and observing how they develop as the tale proceeds can only be fully appreciated by people who are suckers for TV shows. For these committed viewers, the conclusion of a cherished show can be very upsetting.

However, new storylines, the continuation of old plotlines, the introduction of new characters, and re-acquaintance with previous characters and their universe are what keep viewers fascinated as new seasons arrive. There are undoubtedly a lot of fans who can’t wait to travel to the exotic regency age of the tonnes, go on monster hunting expeditions with Geralt, or even participate in the “Pogues” treasure hunt. Fans of these thrilling shows and numerous others may anticipate being sucked back into their compelling worlds on Netflix.


Bridgerton Season 3:

This gorgeous historical romance story, which is an adaptation of Julia Quinn’s book of the same name, follows the Bridgerton family as they make their way through life in a cutthroat London society. Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor), the first of the Bridgertons’ two eldest children, and Anthony Bridgeton were the subjects of seasons 1 and 2, which detailed their courtships (Jonathan Bailey). But in Season 3, Colin Bridgerton’s (Luke Newton) and Penelope Feathrington’s (Nicholas Coughlan) love story will take centre stage rather than Benedict’s second brother (Luke Thompson).

The third season of Bridgerton, which will include the widely anticipated love tale of Penelope, better known as Lady Whistledown, and Colin, is eagerly anticipated by viewers. The show might air later than anticipated, even though its initial release date was set for January 2023. When it happens, Lady Whistledown and the other tonne members will undoubtedly dazzle everyone with their drama, love relationships, and stunning clothing, leaving them craving for more of their opulent world.

Shadow and Bone Season 2:

Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Lei), a young orphan who learns she has the unusual ability to conjure light and heal wounds, is the main character of this well-liked Netflix fantasy series based on Leisha Bardugo’s Gishaverse novels. She must utilise her abilities to combat the darkness threatening her war-torn world while she learns to control them.

On March 16, 2023, Shadow and Bone will return with eight brand-new episodes for its second season. As they watch the protagonists fight against huge enemies in their fictitious world, fans of riveting, fast-paced storytelling will be sure to enjoy this epic fantasy story. Many viewers think it’s one of the best fantasy programmes on Netflix, even though it might not be everyone’s favourite.

Ginny and Georgia Season 2:

In this American comedy-drama series, a single mother and her two children embark on a new life in a wealthy community. This coming-of-age sitcom attracted millions of viewers when it premiered in 2021, leading many of them to request more seasons.

The second season of this intriguing Netflix series, which debuts on January 5, 2023, will continue to explore the complicated mother-daughter relationship between Ginny (Anthonia Gentry) and Georgia (Brianne Howey). The programme appeals to many people because of its strong cast of characters, intriguing storyline, and dramatic moments. Although it might not be for everyone, younger viewers will likely relate to its themes of family, high school experiences, fitting in, and young love.

Outer Banks Season 3:

In the action series Outer Banks, a bunch of kids who live on an island look for a treasure that might be related to the father who vanished from their ringleader’s family. This action-adventure series, which was created by Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, and Shannon Burke, shot to popularity once it debuted in April 2020.

It’s not surprising that “Outer Banks” has become such a well-liked teen adventure series because it’s full of unexpected twists and turns, treasure hunts, and riddles to solve. The importance of friendship, teenage love, and the show’s original plot all contribute to its appeal. Despite some storyline gaps, the show is often entertaining to watch. It will excite “Pogues” Crew fans to learn that the the third season will be arriving soon in 2023.

All of Us are Dead Season 2:

A group of students who are trapped at their school after a zombie apocalypse occurs must make every effort to survive these horrifying undead beasts. These students must fight to survive or run the risk of evolving into the ravaging, sick animals that terrorise Hyosan.

Voracious fans of this zombie-themed horror series undoubtedly found the first season satisfying to watch. However, the shocking ending of the last season has left viewers eagerly anticipating what will happen next. Since the second season of this series is expected to premiere in mid-2023, many will get to find out if the Zombies will win again this time or not