Here’s all you need to know about this celeb-loved hydrating balm

Gigi Hadid talked about her post-pregnancy life recently in an interview with Vogue magazine. Other than discussing things like her baby Khai, boyfriend Zayn Malik, post-pregnancy body, and her at-home birth, she also spoke about her maternity beauty routine.

In a Vogue Beauty Secrets video, Gigi talked about her favorite moisturizing, cleansing, and makeup products.


The one product from Gigi’s beauty routine that anyone with dry skin should take a note of is Lanolips’ 101 Multi-Balm Ointment. Hadid said she uses it not only as a lip balm but also as a primer. It locks in moisture and helps the makeup glide better.

“I find that right where my eyebrows are, where they start, gets really dry. But I like to sometimes dab [the 101 Ointment] there because I just think that eyebrow product, like pencil and stuff, goes on better,” Hadid said.

Hadid is just one of many celebrities who use Lanolips’ ointment. It is so popular that a tube of it is bought every second globally.