Honest politicians do exist! Here are 6 most honest politicians you must know about

An honest politician seems ironic to us. That’s mainly because of the stereotype and the past shreds of evidence of politicians using all unfair means to win elections and to stay in power. But exceptions always exist everywhere, even in politics. Though there is no formal list of honest politicians released neither is there any exact evidence, but this list is absolutely based on fact checks and public opinion.
Check out who are these 6 rare politicians among corrupt and fake ones!

1. Arjun Ram Meghwal


He is an Indian politician and the current Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs in the Second term of BJP led ministry. He is a Master of Arts in Pol. Science, LLB, and MBA from Dungar College in Bikaner and University of Philippines. He was also an IAS Officer in Rajasthan Cadre and seen as the face of Schedule caste in Rajasthan.

2. Shinzo Abe

He is the longest-serving prime minister in Japanese history. A leader of LDP whose policy and principle is to work for people with honesty. When a person becomes Prime Minister 5 times with free and fair elections, it makes the choice of people and their trust quite clear.

3. Manohar Parrikar

This Padma Bhushan winner was the first IIT alumnus to serve as MLA of an Indian state, the first IITian to become the Chief Minister of a state in India, the first Goan to become a cabinet-rank minister at the Centre, and also the first Chief Minister of a state to continue in office for over a year despite being diagnosed with terminal-stage cancer. People have seen him take an auto-rickshaw to the airport even after becoming Goa CM and driving to the office on his own. He died in 2019 due to cancer but he resides in heart of Indians specially Goans. 

4. Nigel Farage 

He is a British activist, political commentator, broadcaster and former politician who actively campaigned for the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union. He is considered as UK’s most honest politician and hence is featured in this list of the world’s most honest politicians. I hope many other politicians get inspired and break this chain of fake politicians.

5. Gil Fulbright 

Also known as Honest Gil, he led a campaign in 2016 of conservatives, progressives, and everyone in between working together to pass anti-corruption laws in cities and states across the country. These laws protect our local communities from corruption, force politicians to represent people instead of special interests, and build momentum for national reform. But nonetheless, he accumulated lots of wealth but didn’t win in the 2016 Senate race.

6. Manik Sarkar

This longest-serving CM of Tripura is regarded as Indian’s most honest politician and so of the world. He has never filed any tax returns and is also considered the poorest politician in India who lives a simple and transparent life. He is a left-wing leader, a communist but has been loved by his followers. After all, it’s not the party that matters more, it’s the character of the leader and his actions that matters the most.