How to have a wonderful holiday as a newly blended family

As a new family, navigating that first holiday season can be challenging, particularly when stepchildren are involved.

Indeed, there are often certain expectations for the types of festive activities that will take place due to the childrens’ experiences — or lack thereof — with their family before joining yours.


To avoid disappointment and ensure everyone is in the holiday spirit, it’s essential to develop a plan for integrating some of the traditions to which everyone in the family is accustomed. Don’t forget to also add some fun new traditions to the mix, though!

Of course, there are countless fun and festive activities that you can incorporate into your annual holiday traditions. Here are just a few suggestions to get the creative juices flowing.

Play a Game

Adding a game to the holiday celebration can be a great way to get the children excited. One such example can be played using nothing more than a roll of plastic wrap, two dice, and some small prizes such as pieces of candy or dollar bills.

The idea is to create a giant, prize-filled ball of plastic wrap. As the ball is being wrapped, prizes are put inside and sealed as more layers are added to the ball. After the game is prepped, the children sit in a circle. One of them begins to unwrap the ball to get to the prizes inside.

While this is going on, the child directly to their left continues to roll the dice until they have rolled doubles. At this point, they pass the dice one spot clockwise, and the ball is given to them to begin their turn of unwrapping. This becomes a lot of fun, particularly when you have four or more children and an especially large prize ball!

Send Out Photo Cards

Let’s face it: In today’s busy world, it can be challenging to keep up with an extensive list of friends and family members year-round. In fact, there are likely many people who are important to you who still know very little about your new family.

In that sense, sending out holiday photo cards is a great way to let everyone know about all the exciting changes that you and your family have undergone over the past year. This is a simple way to share your own wonderful memories with your dearest friends and extended family. It can also be kept fun for the kids by allowing them to help choose the design and a family photo to use.

Holiday Buffet

Rather than having a regular, sit-down dinner, why not assemble a holiday buffet of food for everyone to snack from throughout the evening? Many children can be picky eaters, so allowing them to provide suggestions for foods they would like will ensure everyone is satisfied with the buffet. This is also an excellent way for any extended family members joining you to contribute by supplying a dish of their own to the buffet.

Start Planning Early

This holiday season is sure to be a hit. To make the season as memorable as possible, it’s essential not to procrastinate. In fact, it’s not the worst idea to begin planning before Halloween has come and gone, especially for a new family. Hopefully, the ideas provided here help give an excellent head start to make the holiday season one to remember.