How to Make a Small Dining Room Look Good and More Functional?

Dining rooms come in a variety of sizes & can be one of the most difficult rooms to furnish. Many people believe that they cannot design a dining room effectively unless they possess a lot of money to invest in order to do it properly and make it appear opulent and exquisite. However, this is not the case. Even if you don’t have a lot of money, you can design a lovely dining room & make the dining experiences seem luxurious, relaxed, traditional, or contemporary. Even if the dining room is small, you can make it pleasant and welcoming simply by what you place in it.

The best part is that there are several strategies and ideas that can help you in keeping the costs low so you don’t go broke simply attempting to make the dining room more appealing to dine in.


Paint a decorative arch

If you have a small dining room area or a space that’s missing architectural complexity, a simple paint tip can help. Use dark paint that’s contrasted with your primary wall color so that it seems to be a niche or alcove at first glance.

A fast paint job is the finest way to breathe fresh life into an old space. Whether you want a completely new look for the area or simply a single accent, such as a feature wall or an eye-catching form painted in a bright color.

This will give a new look to your dining room, add more detail to it, and all that without spending much. Any piece of dining room furniture that you place there, or even if it’s just a vase, will definitely stand out and make the room look much more appealing.

Upcycle your dining room chairs

One of our favorite upcycled furniture ideas is to give wooden seats a new breath of life with a colorful update. It only takes one or two chairs to make a big statement. Don’t want to DIY or buy expensive chairs? Try taking mismatched chairs on rent.

At Cityfurnish, we enjoy the trend of mismatched dining chairs. While a consistent dining set is suitable in many houses or cafes, switching up seats and having some one-of-a-kind pieces may tell a beautiful narrative about your home and decor.

Using different shaped chairs with varied upholstery generates an ad hoc style, but when done well, it gives the impression of planning & care. If you’re feeling brave, you may even blend metal & wooden frames – although this may require some organizing!

Revamp your dining table linens

Consider additional inventive ways to set your dinner party table. A beautiful tablecloth will instantly refresh a rustic table, hiding up scrapes and watermarks equally. Maintain a natural linen design for a sophisticated style, or use a runner if you’re concerned that a fabric may appear too fussy.

Use napkins & other placemats as accessories to bring together colors used throughout the area. For example, adding blue can compliment the lights of the room or the tableware, while adding yellow can allude to the paint on the top of the room’s wall. You can decorate your dining table with little elements that go with your style or preferences.

Add a bench to your dining room

A bench that tucks beneath a table is an inexpensive and space-saving method to add extra seats. It may also look well in any design, so whether your dining room has Shaker-style cabinets or sleek & contemporary units, a nice bench could be the solution to seating the entire family at the table. And if you like inviting people over often, a bench is a great way to make space for everyone without having them forcefully adjust or just stand because of no seating space. A bench can make them feel more comfortable.

Load up your seat with pillows and rugs to invite the family to stay and converse longer after dessert.

Try to allow some natural lighting in the room

Natural lighting has the power to deceive the mind into believing that an area is larger than it actually is. Allow as much natural light as possible into the room if natural light is available, and watch your space expand.

Chandeliers may still be installed in tiny dining rooms; however, a huge chandelier will take up a lot of ceiling space. This will immediately visually reduce the size of your space. You’ll want to stay with a modest chandelier that complements your style, color, theme, and budget. Check with some local lighting businesses in the neighborhood to see if they have any special offers, sales, or goods that they can’t sell that you may go look at.

Make a little art gallery

Create a wall in your dining area that displays an instant decorating success that will also serve as a conversation starter at dinner gatherings. Pictures or paintings should be hung at eye level, centered approximately 145cm from the floor. (This also depends on the size of the room.)  However, because you’ll be seated in a dining room, the viewpoint will be lower, so hang artworks and pictures a little lower as well.

Other inexpensive feature wall ideas for a dining area include hanging collections of old plates in various sizes or painting a blackboard for some doodles and illustrations.
Infuse the area with pleasant smells.

We’ve all heard that candles can provide a romantic tone. However, avoid using overpoweringly perfumed candles at the dining table. Instead, use natural beeswax, which has a faint scent that will not clash with the flavor and taste of your meal. To smell your dining room, use subtle unscented candles or rosemary sprigs and berries, or you can even use pinecones.
Take the dining room furniture on rent!

Everything that you want in your dining area does not have to be brand new and expensive. When it comes to selecting furniture that is considerably more affordable, there are other possibilities to consider. If you know what kind of piece you want, seek it on the internet rather than at a store. There are companies, such as Cityfurnish, offer you dining room furniture on rent in Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad and Hyderabad. When you rent it all, you may get some great deals. You don’t even have to seek a bit harder or for a little longer because you will find the right piece at the right price on their website.

This not only saves you the time and energy of going to different stores and then searching for the right dining furniture, but it also saves you a lot of money.

Plus, you get to enjoy a lot of perks like free delivery and installation, and also, you get to return the furniture if or when you move out of the place.

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