“I love the fact we were able to make something so crazy” says Mike Miller on his upcoming show

Have a look at how Jupiter legacy will be introduced to the viewers.

Creator Mark Millar & Star Ben Daniels are coming up with their new show on Netflix which is an adaptation of Jupiter’s league.

The makers of the show got inspired when a series on Superman released on Netflix, namely, Superman: Red Son.

The show will star Josh Duhamel as Sheldon Sampson, also known as The Utopian, Leslie Bibb will be seen as grace Sampson/, Ben Daniels will be in for Walter Sampson with Andrew Horton as Sheldon and Grace’s son and Elena Kampouris daughter to Chloe Sampson.

The show will be live from tomorrow.

According to the report of the Deadline, talking about TV shows, Mark Miller exclaimed, “What’s wonderful about TV shows, we can go so deep and flesh out so much more with meat on the backbone.”

Further talking about the show specifically, he said, “You know, characters can have a few pages that can take up an hour’s television time and I love that.”

In the interview with Deadline, talking about the tv show The Magic Shooter, which was shot during pandemic, he also said, “Well, here’s the good news, it was never killed. What happened was, we were planning to be shooting in Prague, and then, unfortunately, the end of last year, Prague became the hot spot for the whole of Europe. You know, became the hotspot for Covid and some of the production crew came down with Covid and we all thought stick a pen in it and we’ll come back to it this year. You know, so, we’ve always said, it’s a huge priority for us”