Jennifer Lopez removes engagement ring amidst the split rumors with Alex Rodriguez

The pop diva posted a “ringless” picture on her Instagram account surrounding the rumors of her breaking up with boyfriend A-Rod.

The word is official as we do not see the engagement ring on J-Los fingers! Recently, the 51-year-old actress took to her Instagram account sharing a splendid picture of her wearing her new summer merch collection. The news was not the beauty’s hot pics that captured our eyes it was her bare fingers that made us wonder.


The star was seen “not” wearing her engagement ring after the rumors of her breakup with her long-term boyfriend A-Rod was burning hot. Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez had made their love tangle official with an engagement ceremony and was supposed to tie the knot at a summer wedding. However, the recent turns of events have certainly made the couples drift apart.

Jennifer was also seen going away with her kids on a splendid vacation without the man in the picture which gave rise to the fact of the couple’s split more. And now the “boring” stunt has brought various questions to the minds of the fans.

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