J&J CEO says people might need additional Covid-19 vaccines for several years

Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky restated on Wednesday that people will most probably need additional doses of the Covid-19 vaccines along with the annual flu shot for the next “several years”.

Gorsky stated at the Wall Street Journal’s Tech Health conference, “People will need to get the Covid-19 booster shots until herd immunity is achieved on a global level and world leaders and scientists are able to limit the spread of highly contagious variants.”

“We could be looking at this tagging along with the flu shot, likely over the next several years,” he added, talking about the Covid-19 vaccines.

Gorsky’s statements come just a day after U.S. health officials requested Americans to get themselves vaccinated so that the Delta variant can be kept from spreading across the country.

The delta variant of COVID-19 was first identified in India.

J&J’s vaccine demand for just one jab, unlike Pfizer’s and Moderna’s Covid vaccines, which presently require two doses provided three to four weeks apart.