Joe Biden thanks teachers for their contribution during pandemic in a tweet

US President Joe Biden on Monday, posted a tweet paying regards to the teachers of America, while also appreciating the contribution of first lady Jill Biden, in the same field. His tweet read, “Teachers are an extraordinary force for good in our nation — I’m lucky enough to be married to one and have seen firsthand how hard they work for their students. This year teachers have gone above and beyond to help children learn through the pandemic. So please, thank a teacher.”

He also added a picture of Jill Biden, who is seen talking to students in the picture, along with the tweet.

Biden has been a strong advocate of vaccinating the teachers of the country, since his presidential candidate days.

After joining the office, Biden has repeatedly stressed that opening America’s schools for in-person learning is one of his top priorities.

Earlier in March, he directed states to prioritize teachers for vaccination  to accelerate school reopening as soon as possible.

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