Johnny Depp’s son Jack, who looks just like his father; Spotted enjoying a beer

It seems that son Jack is having the time of his life, relaxing by the grass, while sipping on a beer can.

Jack Depp,19, the son of actor Johnny Depp,57, and Vanessa Paradis,48, was spotted in Paris, on May 9, and looks just like his father.

He seemed to be having the time of history life, enjoying the weather, sitting with his legs crossed on lush green grass, sipping beer from a bottle,in France.

Well, him being above 18 years old, gives him the legal right to drink in the country!

Jack was also spotted, reading a book, amidst a large gathering of people around him, who seem to be at the sit-down area of an outdoor dining venue.

The boy is all dressed in a casual yet cool outfit, with blue t-shirt and brown pants, topped with a matching baseball cap, looking quite in sync with the nature’s green background.

Jack is currently dating Camille Jenson, 21, and has often been spotted with her, taking strolls in London.

Just like his dad, Jack has a keen interest in acting, and has played a role in director Kevin Smith’s movie ‘Yoga Hosers’, a comedy released in 2016.

We hope that the budding actor reaches great heights in his career just as his very famous celeb dad has, making him and all of his fans super proud.