Justin Bieber urges everyone to pray for Columbia through his new Instagram post

Justin Bieber urges everyone to pray for Columbia.

At a time, when many people are flooding the comment section of celebrities, seeking help for the chaos Columbia is in, Justin Beiber acknowledged the issue.

In a raw and real post, captioned, “Not exactly sure of the ins and outs of what is going on but can clearly see that there is chaos in Columbia right now! Keep the people of Columbia in your prayers”, Justin urged everyone to pray for Columbia.

The comment section has been filled with people lauding Beiber for spreading awareness and stating their plight.

The best thing about the post is that Justin Beiber didn’t make any assumptions and spread any hoax and simply stated that “he us not well-aware of the inside deets”.

Recently, Beiber has been putting up stories of prayer and wishing that Jesus is with everyone.