Kamala Harris tries to blame Donald Trump for border crisis

Vice President Kamala Harris tried to blame the Trump administration over the southern border crisis, after laughing off a question on if she intended to visit the region.

While speaking to reporters in Jacksonville, Florida on Monday, Harris made the remarks after being asked what the administration could do to ensure that migrant children were treated humanely in the short term. She seemed to blame Biden’s border crisis on the previous administration. 


“I mean, first of all, we were left with a very challenging situation,” the vice president began.

Referring to the reports that said children are being held longer than the legal limit in Customs and Border Protection custody, Harris said, “let’s get these kids out of CBP custody and get them to HHS custody.”

Harris said that there’s a lot of work going into that and the issue should be treated in a way that is reflective of American values and do it fairly and humanely.

“I mean, again, we were presented, when we came in, with some serious challenges.”

However, Harris did not elaborate on what “challenges” she is referring to, nor did she mention the previous administration by name.

The Biden administration’s decision to lift former President Donald Trump’s border policies has spurred a flood of Central American and Mexican illegal migrants at the US border, including thousands of unaccompanied children.