Kendall Jenner looks drop dead gorgeous in recent photoshoot for Vogue Hongkong

The ‘KUWTK’ star and supermodel Kendall Jenner shares stunning photoshoots for Hongkong Vogue Magazine by Zoey Grossman in her recent Instagram post.

Kendall Jenner is an American model and media personality born on November 3, 1995 in Los Angeles, California to Kris and Caitlyn Jenner.

She rose to fame starring in the ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ reality show along with her sister Kylie Jenner, Kardashian sisters and her parents.

The supermodel made her debut in the Forbes Magazine’s list of top-earning models in 2015 at number 16 and went ahead to be honoured the title of the world’s highest paid model by Forbes in 2017.

Kendall has featured in several campaigns, cover shoots and editorials of Vogue Magazine internationally.

She took to Instagram on May 4, to post pictures of her photoshoot to be featured for the Hongkong’s Vogue Magazine.

In the series of three stunning pictures, Kendall looks like a dream as she captions them, “Story for Vogue Hongkong by Zoey Grossman”, taking both.

The photos have been shot by the photographer Zoey Grossman who seems to have delivered just perfect shots.

In the first shot, Kendall looks like magic, dressed in a flowy white garment with a matching headpiece, posing with hands above her head.

Kendall shines bright in dazzling black wire-dress, that covers her right from the neck all the way to her shoes, radiating electrifying energy in the second picture.

The last one is of the model posing with one of her hands slipping inside black leather-pants while placing the other one on her ribs, dressed in a thin-strapped white frill top.