Kim Kardashian mistakes hail for snow, gets trolled

Recently, the beauty mogul Kim Kardashian made headlines with her Instagram post claiming a snowfall at Calabasas in mid-March. The post went viral all over the internet with people sharing and creating memes out of her story post.


After a brief period of buzzing, Kim then took to Instagram again correcting herself that it is a hailing and not snowing. She even backfired on the memes saying she does have 30 jobs but being a meteorologist is not one.


The fashion guru went on posting a series of videos and pictures on her Instagram account as stories with utmost excitement seeing the beautiful white residues sitting on her porch and garden. Her excitement turned into a tragedy after her fans and people around the world started making fun of her knowledge and claims she made of snow.


Kim’s model friend Winnie Harlow even posted an IG story talking about the hail storm to which Kim replied “I said it’s snowing! If you are from California it’s snow not hail LOL.”