Lee County Board of Education is set to review COVID-19 protocols in schools

Lee County Board of Education will review the COVID-19 protocols in schools on Monday, reported WINK News.


The parents of students who are returning to school demanded stricter COVID protocols. The demand came in due to a lapse from the schools’ side previously, which resulted in many students and their families contracting the virus.  


Lee County parent Deborah Melnick told WINK News that her family got COVID after her child was exposed in school, something she says could have been avoided had parents been informed of exposure.


The district and board members told WINK News that there’s no way to please everybody, but that their main focus for this school year is a return to normalcy for students, while still keeping in place protocols like extra cleaning and social distancing when possible.


Parents are especially worried due to the spread of the delta variant. Parents prefer Lee Connect, the district’s virtual option for learning over offline classes. 


According to WINK News, the board members aim to keep the students in the classrooms and helping them overcome any learning gaps that formed last year while following all the safety measures.