‘#MayThe4thBeWithYou’ goes trending on Twitter this Star Wars Day

Star Wars Day is celebrated on May 4 every year and here’s how fans have come together to make Star Wars go trending.

Star Wars is a popular American franchise by George Lucas that revolves around space and sci-fi genre movies and series which began a superhit with it’s debut in 1977.

The Star Wars movies have garnered a lot of success and awards for it’s brilliant plot and characters as well as amazing and dramatic special effects.

Today and every year on May 4, we celebrate Star Wars Day where fans of the franchise come together to cherish it’s success and participate in various events.

Now, one may wonder the reason behind the origin and significance of this day. Well, it’s neither the franchise’s anniversary nor the creator George’s birthday.

Star Wars Day is celebrated annually on fourth day of the May month and started from 2011, influenced by the dialogue “May the force be with you”, which is used in its movies to wish good luck.

The dialogue turns to be made into a pun ” May the fourth be with you” and this day started being celebrated on May 4.

Several dedicated Star Wars fans have come together to tweet about this day and have made ‘#MayThe4thBeWithYou’ along with Star Wars go trending.

We really hope may this day be with all of us and Star Wars continue to reach heights of success with each passing day.