Mel Gibson’s harshest controversies debunked

Mel Gibson is one of Hollywood’s best directors. He is also Hollywood’s most defamed celebrity because of controversial spurs that are now debunked.

Mel Gibson is one of the most bashed up men in Hollywood. You might know him, as political commentator Ben Shapiro says,  a cold white “racist, sexist, bigot, religious homophobe.” But did you know he isn’t like that at all? He is in fact one of the most intelligent minds Hollywood’s got, which is why they haven’t kicked him out completely despite the controversies against him. Mel’s in all honesty just a funny, shy, gentleman.

Let’s debunk some of the harshest controversies against Mel Gibson and actually see the truth behind things.

Mel Gibson is NOT an anti-Semitist!

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While directing The Passion of Christ, Mel Gibson had been horrifically labeled as an Anti-Semitist. Anti-Semitism, according to Merriam-Webster, is the hostility towards or prejudice against Jews. According to all the leftist critics, Mel’s an ideal case study of Anti-Semitism.

The Passion of the Christ or The Passion is pretty self-explanatory. It is about the pain and suffering the protagonist Jesus endured for the passion and love of his people during the last twelve hours of his life. The movie was shot according to the scriptures of the Bible. The scenes were pretty graphic. But, the Passion was far beyond mere graphics. The direction, performance, and scores delivered a shattering experience for all who watched the film.

Leftist critics tend to relate the violence and graphics in the movie as hateful prejudice against Jews.  The claims obviously come from the emotion and hatred the movie evokes from the audience to feel towards the Jews for cruelly condemning Jesus. Again folks, history. This is a historical movie. The men and women and children condemned Jesus for blasphemy. Those men and women and children happened to be Jews according to historical accounts. You cannot have Koreans or Indians or Africans or Americans or any other caste or nationality for that matter accusing Jesus. The people were jews so that’s what’s we’ve got on screen.

In fact the protagonist, Jesus is a Jew.  Actress Maia Morgenstern who plays Mary, Jesus’s mother, is an actual Jew. She said she’s never worked with such a respectful, tolerant (shudder) man before. The Passion also had a multiracial cast with Atheists, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, and even one Satanist… Mel’s really open-minded.

Apart from The Passion, Mel also directed many movies working closely with Jews. Andrew Garfield, a secular Jew who played Spider-Man, was the protagonist in Hacksaw Ridge. He looks up to Mel Gibson as a really good… Mother Hen. He meant Mel’s a director who really looks out for his actors.

Mel Gibson is NOT a sadist!

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The interesting aspect of this claim is that Mel Gibson has always been reserved a space in particularly violent roles no less different than Angelina Jolie has for her roles as an action heroine. Though, this controversy began spurring only after 2004, post the release of the Passion. It is unfair to call a man violent just as much as it is to call a woman sexual, based on a project he or she has worked with closely throughout a career. If, however, you do think that it is fair to judge a celebrity based on projects, you should be giving Mel Gibson far more interesting names. Dad would be a good one. Even “Funny”. Mel’s pulled on absolutely hilarious roles. For instance, in What a Woman Wants, he plays the role of a man who knows what goes on inside a woman’s head. In case you’re wondering, the movie has no violence whatsoever. Mel’s actually pretty adorable.

Going back to violence. The Passion is not violent. Yup, I said it. It does not capture even a fracture of the happenings of the crucifixion for the sake of not being too violent. The Passion is a historical movie and therefore captures the historical events as it has been recorded. It’s just great casting, powerful performances, and genius direction.

Mel Gibson is NOT a homophobe or a transphobe!

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After the release of the controversial movie, leftist media began bombing tabloids with his personal life. Obviously, the man is a racist, sexist, bigot, religious homophobe. That’s exactly why he had a very pleasant encounter with Caitlyn Jenner, right?

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Netflix once wrote in response to a comment regarding one of their new shows about “Cuties”. The comment asked Netflix if they were in favor of pedophilia. Netflix obviously responded that they did not discriminate between religions, faiths, and beliefs and ultimately dismissed the comment. First, it is important to note that Netflix called pedophilia a religion/faith/belief. Second, Netflix said they do not discriminate against religions. Hollywood’s idea of being inclusive to Judicial-Christianity was the Met-Gala: Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. Here’s the differentiator, sporting religious sacred clothing on a cat-walk is outright disrespectful and controversial. Shooting a historical event is not controversial in any sense. It’s inclusive and educational. You may notice that this feature has been heavily focused on his movie the Passion. That’s because all the controversies against Mel were spurred after it’s making.